Sharing solar with Sandy survivors

It’s clear that sharing can improve our lives, and that we can save or make money by sharing. That plus the significant social and environmental benefits are combining to make sharing a new way of life for many.

The spirit of sharing is visible nowhere more than after a natural disaster. As devastating as Superstorm Sandy was, it has brought people together to help one another. And while poor environmental stewardship has promoted the recent upsurge in natural disasters, good environmental practices can help bring relief to their victims.

A great example of this is The Solar Sandy Project, which provides mobile solar generators to communities hit by the storm. People can use the generators to charge phones, laptops, or other equipment, or even to heat food. The idea began with an individual, Chris Mejia of Consolidated Solar, who had generators to share. He joined forces with Solar One and Solar City to make the project happen. This led to solar installers, individuals, and community centers partnering to share their resources and skills.

If you live in the New York area, here’s what you can do to be part of this sharing:

  • Individuals: You can donate blankets, flashlights, AAA batteries, mops, masks, gloves, duct and scotch tape, hydrogen peroxide, and personal hygiene and baby supplies. You can also volunteer your time.
  • Solar installers and equipment providers: You can share mobile generators, or your solar or electrical skills.
  • Community organizations: You can provide spaces for the generators, especially if your organization is already a gathering spot for the community.

And even if you don’t live in New York, you can participate in the sharing. Just click here to donate to the project.

We’re likely to face more superstorms in the near future. We need to share our ideas and resources to prevent them — but when they do happen, sharing can help ease the burden on those affected.

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