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It’s quick and easy to help me help low-income families, with even a few dollars!

Just click this button to help:

Wondering if you should do it? See what the Most Solar Man in the World has to say:

Every dollar helps! Thanks in advance!


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Summer will be here officially this Saturday, the longest day of the year — a National Day of Action when many people and organizations are pledging to “Put Solar on It.”

“It” can be all kinds of places. I’m asking that you help me put solar on the roof of a low-income family’s home — by donating any amount, no matter how small, to my Solarthon fund. That’s right, summer is also Solarthon season!

You can make it a short season by giving now, and avoiding more emails from me.

Will you help me help low-income families, the planet, and yourself? Will you please sponsor me?

Just click here to sponsor me — any amount helps:

Seriously, last year someone gave $1!

Speaking of last year, to see why so many others have donated to my previous Solarthons:

Thanks in advance for your support!

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