West Coast Green 2010

The San Francisco Bay Area seems to produce an endless stream of diverse green events. Last weekend was no exception—I spent an engaging and inspiring Saturday attending West Coast Green, “the world’s leading interactive conference on green innovation.”

It was a day packed with dynamic leaders in all areas of sustainability presenting the latest ideas and technologies for a greener world. Both the speakers and the conference attendees represented a broad range of backgrounds and styles, but from the casual bohemians and hippies to the workers to the businesspeople in suits, all had the same goal of making our built environment, energy sources, and products more sustainable. At a time when many seem to have lost hope, this conference was a beacon of optimism, where speakers encouraged us to turn seemingly hopeless situations into solutions more positive than we might have dreamed possible.

For more on West Coast Green, see my blogs on the Eco Tuesday site.

Next Saturday, it’s on to the Green Drive Expo. More to come on that!

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