White House going solar

The White House is finally installing solar panels! President Carter put panels on the White House in 1979—but like many of the positive changes Carter made, this one was reversed by Ronald Reagan, who had the panels removed. The Obama administration may prefer to avoid comparisons with Carter, but let’s hope any negative connotations are overridden by the positive aspects of this symbolic gesture. By promoting solar power and other types of renewable energy, Obama can help create jobs, protect the environment, and decrease our dependence on foreign oil—all in one blow! A true strategic initiative.

In typical fashion for the federal government, it will take a while to get the panels installed; they’re expected to be in place by late spring. I’m dealing with a government of my own, though on a smaller scale, at my HOA. We have budget issues and processes we must follow, and unlike the federal government, we’re run by volunteers who have full-time jobs. But it would be great if we, too, could have a system in place by late spring. The race is on! And even if we don’t beat the White House, I’ll be glad to get to the finish line.

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