How sharing paves the way for EV driving

’Tis the season for sharing. We share meals, drinks, and presents with friends and family, and maybe even dollars with charities. But must sharing and its many benefits be limited to the holidays?

The year-round benefits of sharing are nowhere more clear than when it comes to driving. Apart from saving money for those who prefer not to buy a car, car sharing takes a significant number of cars off the road, thereby reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Continue reading “How sharing paves the way for EV driving”

Making the world a better place through electric vehicles

Oil use related to driving cars has led to profound economic, health, and environmental problems on our planet. One Bay Area company, Better Place, has a unique approach to helping solve those problems. At a Green Project Management seminar I attended in May, Peter Cooper of Better Place explained how the company is attempting to break oil’s monopoly on transportation — by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

Continue reading “Making the world a better place through electric vehicles”

Electric cars are coming!

This post was originally published on The Energy Collective. Since then, the first Nissan Leaf has been delivered to its proud owner. Electric cars are here!

Are you ready? I can’t say that I am, but I recently had the opportunity to learn more at the workshop Electric Vehicles: Innovations, Incentives, and Infrastructure, where panelists from various companies and government organizations presented the latest information. Continue reading “Electric cars are coming!”