GRID Alternatives Solarthon: a mega-strategic initiative

You may know from my post on hiking that I value the idea of a strategic initiative, taking one action that affects many areas at once. George Lakoff, in Don’t Think of an Elephant,┬ánotes that focusing on alternative energy is a powerful strategic initiative, because it affects not just energy and sustainability but a host of other areas, such as jobs, health, the environment, foreign policy, developing countries, and more. This is a major reason I’m drawn to alternative energy; it gives a lot of bang for the buck, and it deals with the most urgent issues facing humanity today. Continue reading “GRID Alternatives Solarthon: a mega-strategic initiative”

Hiking as a strategic initiative

“This is the most beautiful place on earth. There are many such places.” — Edward Abbey

George Lakoff is one of my heroes. Among his many great ideas is the one of strategic initiatives. According to Lakoff, a major problem for progressives is that they want to fix everything, so they spread themselves too thin and lose effectiveness. He suggests that instead they focus on strategic initiatives, those that deliver multiple results in one blow. Continue reading “Hiking as a strategic initiative”