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This infographic, from LearnStuff.com, gives a good graphic representation of the extent of climate change and its effects — in case you’re not convinced already! Reality is catching up to film depictions of what was expected to happen far in the future. Seeing Superstorm Sandy flood parts of New York City made me feel like I was watching The Age of Stupid or Earth 2100 — except it was happening now, not in some distant future.

As the infographic shows, if we continue on our current trajectory, things will only get worse by 2050. And given the fact that many predictions have turned out to be too conservative, 2050 might be an optimistic target.

Depressed? While this can be depressing, it can also be a call to positive action. More people are realizing climate change is real, and upon us already. So let’s choose to make a difference. You can start by sharing this infographic to help show that action is needed. Together, we can make some real changes!



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