A New Way to Generate 100% Clean Energy

You can be part of it, even if you rent your home!

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced today that it’s developed a new way to harvest clean, renewable energy from something we all do every day: the simple act of chewing our food. The DOE claims that the groundbreaking technology could be a game-changer for clean energy.

A logical place to look for clean energy

The DOE has been supporting renewables like wind and solar for years. But the Department’s scientists are constantly looking for new — potentially cheaper — ways to generate clean energy. The most logical place to look for these is in common activities that are currently just wasting energy.

That’s how the scientists came up with their latest technology, which they call Oral-Kinetic Amperage Yield, or OKAY Energy®.

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“Americans are eating more than ever,” said Rufus Bartelthwaite, Lead Project Manager for the OKAY Energy initiative. “With super-size portions being the norm now, and snacking at an all-time high, we just knew we could get something useful out of all that chewing.”

How it works

Initial prototypes of OKAY Energy were built using wires attached to subjects’ jaws. The wires would transmit the OKAY Energy to substations, which would send the energy on to the power grid.

But scientists soon found that the wires were too cumbersome. To allow subjects more freedom of movement while generating energy, they developed microchips that can be inserted into the jaw during a 10-minute outpatient procedure.

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The chips transmit energy wirelessly to the power grid, and you get a credit on your electric bill for the energy you produce.

“The chips have the added benefit of accurately measuring how much energy is being generated,” said Bartelthwaite. “It can all be monitored using the Okie-Dokie OKAY Energy smartphone app. So you can always know how much energy your chewing is really producing.”

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Depending on one’s diet, with OKAY Energy the average person can generate enough energy each day to power a home entertainment system plus several laptops, or two efficient ENERGY STAR® refrigerators.

The DOE is considering making OKAY Energy part of the school lunch program, in an effort to reduce energy costs in public schools.

How you can be part of it

The best thing about this new technology is that it’s accessible to everyone. Whether you own or rent your home, you can generate 100% clean energy with every mouthful. The microchips are affordable, and will even save you money over time.

If you’re wondering if OKAY Energy is right for your home and family, contact a MyDomino energy savings concierge. Your concierge will ask you a few quick questions about your diet, to help determine if OKAY Energy will work for you.

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